Monday, April 30, 2012

Forever 21 Haul & Outfit of the Day

Why Hello :)  I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far!

Before I start this haul, I just want to explain a couple of things.  When I go shopping, I prefer to not spend a lot of money all at one time.  So, that means the clothes I'm about to show you were purchased within the last month and a half; I usually only find one or two things that I want to buy per shopping trip.  I don't know if showing you clothing items that I have collected over the past month and a half counts as a true haul, but I'm still really excited to show you my purchases.  Well let's jump into shall we?!


This first item is a sheer cream tank top with a ruffle.  It cost $19.80 and I bought it in a medium.  I have been looking for something like this for a while now and I'm so glad that I found it.  I wanted something simple that I could wear with a lot of different outfits, but not so simple that it is uninteresting.  I plan on wearing this with black jeans and a colored cardigan or possibly even tucked into some shorts.  I also like that this tank top can be worn very casually, but it can also be dressed up.

This next tank top is very similar to the first, but different enough for me to want to purchase it as well.  It cost &11.50 and I bought it in a medium.  The reason I bought this is because it is also very simple and I can see myself wearing this with a variety of different things (and of course, it's cute).  This is the kind of tank top that I can see being a staple of my wardrobe.  When I saw this, I pictured myself wearing it with colored shorts.  

I love this next tank top.  It's collared with a high low hem line and back lace detailing.  I bought this in a large because I wanted it to hang more loosely.  I tried on the medium, but it was a little too clingy for my taste so I decided to go a size up.  I bought this tank for $11.50.

Here is a picture of the back lace detailing.  So cute.

Since I live in Florida, I wear shorts and dresses pretty much year round, so I was excited to buy these.  When I was in Forever21 I saw these shorts on a manikin and I just had to find them.  They might look red in the picture, but they are actually coral and they also come with a cute braided brown belt.  I like that they are high waisted, but not too high because I find that look can be really unflattering on me.  I don't have a picture, but the zipper is in the back.  I actually wore these shorts already and I wore them with a tucked in sheer white button down shirt from the Loft.  
These shorts were $17.80 and I bought them in a large.

This dress caught my attention right away.  I love florals and I love the new pleated trend.  There's not much to say about it other than that it's super cute!  It's pricier than I would have liked it to be, but I just loved how it looks and fits so I really couldn't pass it up.  It cost $24.80 and I bought it in a small.

So here is my OOTD!  My new dress from forever 21!  I wore it with brown peep toe flats from Pac Sun and a brown briefcase looking bag from Urban Outfitters.  The flats are from the brand Black Poppy and the bag is BDG.  Both the bag and shoes were gifts from my sister, Jae!

-amy gat.


  1. cute! I want to go shopping so bad. Downtown shopping when you get here? Hopefully I can find a job. lol.