Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Favorites

Favorite Laugh:
I got some really good laughs from watching these videos.  All three are of people singing the national anthem absolutely horribly.  I know that doesn't sound really funny, but you just have to watch them, they're hilarious.  I hope you laugh as much as I did.

Watch this next one at least 'til "red glare"

Favorite Youtuber/Blogger:
My favorite person to watch on Youtube at the moment is Allison (or amarixe).  She is a beauty guru who does tutorials, reviews, hauls etc.  I absolutely love her personality and I really enjoy watching her videos.  But not only does she make youtube videos, she also blogs so check her out cause I know you'd love her too!

here is her beauty channel
and this is her blog

Favorite Sweet & Salty Treat:
Chocolate covered pretzels!

Favorite TV Show:
How I Met Your Mother
This actually isn't just a weekly favorite...this show is an alltime favorite of mine.  I've been watching this show for a really long time now and I've seen every single episode.  Jason Segal is probably my favorite actor and he's absolutely hilarious on the show. 

Favorite Recipe:
I made mini carrot cake cupcakes for the first time ever using this recipe.  They turned out really well!  Sooo delicious!

Favorite Room Fragrance:
I'm obsessed with Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works/Slatkin & Co.  Right now my absolute favorite scent is "Sea Spray."

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